Flowers Arrangements for Weddings in Sorrento

The Garden Center Ruoppo has now been for decades the benchmark for all the couples of Sorrento for their wedding.
Claudio Ruoppo will create splendid floral arrangements offering evocative atmosphere in the place of ceromony and in the place of celebration.

Together We Can Create the Style For Your Wedding

Come to us and tell us of about your wedding and if you already have some ideas for floral decorations: Claudio will help and guide you in choosing and creating a sketch for the floral arrangements that will be created for your wedding day.

As florists in Sorrento we like to create, favoring the plants of the area and season.We also always give very importance to the architectural style of the church or the location chosen so that the floral decoration is never excessive or misplaced.
We will also create the bride’s bouquet matching the chosen dress.

Wedding at the Garden Center

Il Pizzo Garden (Civil weddings)

Carmine Church (Catholic Ceremony)

Sorrento Cathedral (Catholic Ceremony)

Cappuccini Church Sant'Agnello (Catholic Ceremony)

SS. Prisco and Agnello (Catholic Ceremony)

SS. Trinità Church Naples (Catholic Ceremony)

S. Antonino Church Sorrento (Catholic Ceremony)

Chiesa di Sant'Antonino a Sorrento
Chiesa di Sant'Antonino a Sorrento
Chiesa di Sant'Antonino a Sorrento
Chiesa di Sant'Antonino a Sorrento

Annunziata Church (Catholic Ceremony)

S. Maria del Lauro (Meta)

Palazzo Correale Piazza Tasso Sorrento (Civil weddings)

Museo Correale Sorrento (Civil weddings)

Villa Fondi Piano di Sorrento (Civil weddings)

San Francesco Cloister Sorrento (Civil weddings)

Little church of Seiano


Gift for guests



Flowers Arrangements

Weddings in Greenhouse

You’re getting married in Sorrento and you’re looking for a florist that deals in creative and professional decorations? The Garden Center Ruoppo is a guarantee of four generations.

Have you ever thought of organizing a wedding reception in a greenhouse?

An idea from Garden Center Ruoppo can be achieved by creating an elegant and unusual event.

The GreenHouse is located adjacent to the Correale Museum where you can celebrate civil marriages.

Under the big magnolia Garden Center you can arrange the exchange of promises and a symbolic wedding.

With the collaboration of Fattoria Terranova, the agricultural farm house that is also managed by the Ruoppo family, a lunch or dinner with typical Sorrento products can be organized.

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