Lemon of Sorrento

Think of Sorrento. What is the first smell that comes to your mind?

Certainly the smell of lemons and orange blossom flowers.

The same that surrounds you when you go to the Garden Center Ruoppo. It will be a pleasure to have this smell in the house after buying your own lemon tree. It will be even better to pick and use the lemons from your own tree.

The Characteristics of the Sorrento Lemon

The Sorrento lemon is medium-large (each lemon will reach to be approximately one kilo) in size, with very acidic juice, and with a peel that has a particular perfume of high concentration essential oils.

The lemons are rich in antioxidant, cleansing and digestive properties. In addition to ensure a healthy portion of vitamin C !

The Care of the Sorrento Lemons

In this section we have collected the most frequently asked questions from our customers, hoping that they can be of assistance in the care of your own lemon tree.

I have a small balcony. Can I still have a lemon tree?

Yes, smaller plants depart from a height of 80 cm and a width of 25 cm. It is
important, however, that the balcony is exposed to the sun even for just half a day.

How to transfer the plant that I bought?

You'll want to transfer the plant gradually without overdoing the pot size. For example, a plant with a pot that has a diameter of 30 cm. must be transferred into a pot with a maximum of 40/45 cm. in diameter. The soil to be used, must consist of a percentage of garden soil to make it more consistent. At the Garden Center, along with the plant we will provide you with the right blend of top soil.

How often should I water the Lemon Plant?

There is no precise rule, because it mostly depends on the temperature and
from the external moisture. The best technique is to always check when the soil is dry and then carefully water the plant. In winter it is usually just once a week and more often in the summer.

What if it's too cold?

If the temperature falls below two or three degrees for several days then we recommend you bring the plant indoors, however, in a bright area near a window. Try to keep it away from the wind throughout the year and during the coldest season cover the plant with canopy sheets of nonwoven fabric and with a plate made of straw or bark.

How to fertilize my lemon tree?

The lemon tree can be fertilized with organic fertilizers (manure, lupins, ornuglia bone) or with specific chemical fertilizers for fruit and citrus trees.
The fertilizatuion should be made 3 or 4 times a year.

Is it necessary to prune the lemon plants?

The pruning, especially in small plants, is only necessary for correcting the shape of the crown.