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We like for our Garden Center to be a place for living, not just a place to come and buy flowers and plants.

We love to organize events and we offer our location to those who want to organize a party in Sorrento in the greenhouse or in the garden.

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Lemon Trail

The ruoppo family “Plant Nursery” is one of the oldest gardens center in sorrento. Mrs. Pia Ruoppo, 4th generation of this iconic Family welcomes you to the suggestive Green Living Room where, with passion and enthusiasm she talks about the Oval Lemons of Sorrento and their fascinating history!

The visit includes a Tour of the Nursery and Laboratory, a planting demonstration also the art of pruning. A truly unique and cultural experience dedicated to the Green Fingered enthusiast!

Meeting point in Piazza Tasso and proceed on foot to the Garden Center. After the tour Pia will offer you a delicious sample of Limoncello or Lemon Ice-Slush.

Workshops for children

Periodically we organize workshops for children. Each workshop has a theme pertaining to the period of the year (Christmas, spring, Halloween) and the children get involved with ‘hands on’ with the theme tasks.

Under the careful guidance of Pia, they can create a Christmas center-table, pick strawberries, make an album of dry leaves … all while being in contact with nature and with the green of the Garden Center.

Each workshop has a cost of 10 € per child which also includes the kit for the entire workshop for the day. All this while moms can relax while sipping a cup of tea in the greenhouse.

In this same style you can organize theme birthday parties.

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External Events

In 2014, Pia Ruoppo was the botanical guide in Villa Tritone Garden,  for the promotion of the new fragrance by Roberto Cavalli in Sorrento.

In 2011, at the Garden Center Ruoppo: the Orchid Show.

The world of Butterflies

In 2011 we organized the “World of Butterflies” a show displaying butterflies from all over the world. A Butterfly House was created in the greenhouse with 40 square meters of a recreated tropical microclimate aviary where butterflies flitter around in freedom. Visitors can enter amongest the butterflies leaving them with amazement, all under the guidance of experts who explain the various features about butterflies and their natural habitant.

A Movie Set in Positano

Birthday Party at Capri Certosa