About us

Gardeners and florists of Sorrento for four generations.

The great-grandfather, Francesco, tended the garden of the Counts Correale (what is now the museum). After their death, Ruoppo started a small business selling plants. His son Luigi expanded the business by offering flowers and also getting particularly passionate in the caring of the Sorrento citrus trees. But it was with Claudio, Pia’s father, who started off the real business of the Garden Center with the sale of plants, flowers, potting soil and pots in the garden behind the Correale museum.

Claudio Ruoppo soon became the most requested florist for floral arrangements of the weddings in Sorrento. Even before the wedding planners and flower designer existed, Mr. Ruoppo created, and still creates, floral decorations and elegance are always impeccable.

At the head of the Garden Center Vivaio Ruoppo, we find Pia Ruoppo, from the fourth generation of a family who has always been involved in the care of gardens in Sorrento.

Today Pia, who inherited  a passion for citrus trees and the Mediterranean vegetation from the Grandfather Luigi, has decided to expand the Garden Center business by organizing educational workshops for children and events in the Greenhouse.